Jack Patrick Walker

"My name is Jack Patrick Walker and I was born on January 9, 1981 in Hattiesburg, MS. I jointed the Mississippi Army National Guard in May 2000, as a 12B Combat Engineer. I was in B Company 150th Combat Engineers, 155 Brigade Combat Team. In January 2005, we went to Iraq to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. February 3, 2005 we were on a presence patrol when the Humvee in which I was the gunner was hit by an IED. I was ejected 40-60 meters out of the hummer, and my SGT Sean Michael Cooley was KIA. Due to the accident, I have a spinal cord injury (I am an incomplete quadriplegic), L3 through S1 disc removed with a cage around my spine, PTSD, TBI to list a few of my injuries. Due to the injury, I also started having debilitating migraines up to 3 times a week. In 2014, I finally received 100% Total VA disability status from my original injuries. I am a divorced father of two children; Jayden Savannah, age 11, who is in the 6th grade and Sean Michael, age 10, who is in the 3rd grade. I have joint custody of my children; they live with me one weekend with their mother, the next week. On Thursday, April 5, 2018 my home and contents were totally destroyed by fire. Thank God none of us were home. God has always been with me and my family and I know He will continue to bless and keep up safe with his mantle of love around us."


Battle of The Force & Celebrity Softball Clash

Helping Our Military Help Themselves

To honor this Purple Heart recipient who has served God and his country, and who has made both physical and mental unimaginable sacrifices. Our goal is to raise enough money to build Mr. Jack Walker a new handicap accessible and accommodating home. 

To help accomplish this surmountable endeavor, Armorbearers are having a huge fundraising event on March 23, 2019. "The Battle of the Forces" event encompasses everything military; which matches the Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Navy, and First Responders in a double elimination softball tournament. There will also be a celebrity and disabled veterans softball game. 

The event will have tables available for other veteran non-profits to help promote their missions such as PTSD, suicide awareness, and homelessness. The funds raised will not only go to the construction of Jack Walker's home, but will also help other veterans with their home construction and modification needs. 

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